Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Different Varieties of Pasta for Your Plate

When we talk about Italian food, we’re talking about various things like pizza, pasta, soups, breads, as well as various other rice, fish and meat dishes. Pasta is considered to be the most popular food in world today. It comes in over 500 different types and shapes. Pasta is normally made from flour and water and made with or without eggs. Pasta is a symbol of Italian food. We can divide pasta in different categories based on their various types, shapes and sizes. According to type, pasta can be categorized in two parts: Fresh and Dried.

Fresh pasta is home-made with flour and water; eggs may or may not be included. It is generally easy to cook. Dried pasta factory-made with semolina flour, salt and water; it doesn't contain eggs.

According to shape, pasta can be categorized into 4 parts:

Long Pasta: As the name suggest long pasta is stretched, long and may come in a cylindrical shape. It can swirl around the fork or be flat and thinner.

Short Pasta: Short pasta is available in hundreds of varieties with multiple shapes and colors. They come extremely tiny in size compared to long pasta.

Tabular Pasta: This type of pasta includes medium-to-large sizes and shapes ranging from simple-to-fancy.

Stuffed Pasta: Stuffed pasta is filled with sauce, cheese or even chicken and appears in a pocket-like shape. This pasta shape is very recipe-friendly and is usually comes served with either tomato sauce or cream sauce.

Pasta brings several health benefits, most of which you can find in whole wheat pasta. Wheat pasta is low calorie and contains several minerals that are very important for health.

You can find all these varieties of pasta in all Italian Sea Bright restaurants. So go on and order a pasta dish in your favorite shape and size.

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