Monday, 10 June 2013

Italian food with wine – A Memorable Experience

Italian food is loved and appreciated by people all around the globe. Italian pizzas and pastas are the most common and adorable dishes that have created a great impression on people. Italian dishes are often appreciated by wine. If a correct pair of Italian food with wine is made its taste increases to double. Pesto Pasta with Vermentino and Pinot Grigio is a superb example for this kind of delicious combination.


Italian cuisines are also very popular in America but if you want to enjoy an evening with the combination of wine and Italian dishes than you must search for the right restaurant and location. If anybody wants to enjoy this great combination truly, then Sea Bright restaurants provide a perfect backdrop.

Any popular traditional restaurant offering Italian dishes with wine is a perfect place for enjoying the evening.

From these restaurants come you a variety of Italian dishes, pasta, entrees, broccoli rabe, baby spinach are some of the best dishes to pick up. A range of wine is also available for pairing with these delicious dishes, you can try prosecco or Spumonti Brut with an appetizer. These combinations not only increase the taste of your dish but also serve to make your evening special and memorable.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Spice up yourself with various dishes made from Pasta

Pasta is one of the most famous and mouth-watering dish from Italian Cuisine. Many of us don't even know about various dishes which is prepared from pasta. People only think that it's a kind of staple food or noodle. Pasta is mainly served with variety of Sauces, in Italy most common is White Sauce. Sea Bright, NJ restaurants have plenty of healthy, delicious and spicy meals made from pasta.


 Following are the well-known dishes prepared from pasta :  

Classical Lasagna :

Classical or Great Lasagna is a dish which is prepared with Pasta and sauces in an oven. Its main ingredients are cheese, semolina and eggs. It is one of the Italian dish which is most famous and delicious.

 Timballo :

Timballo is one another dish which is prepared from pasta. Its main ingredients are baked pasta, potatoes and rice which can be mixed with the seafood, eggs, cheese or fruits-vegetables to improve its flavor.
Pastichio :

Pastichio is that dish which is popular in lots of countries like Italy, Greece, Egypt, etc. It is made with baked pasta, beef and variety of sauces. Now a days, It is very common in Western countries.

Spaghetti :

Spaghetti is dish from southern Italy and now well-known among all over the world. Its main ingredients are pasta, garlic, carbonara and tomato Sauce. It is mainly cooked in salted boiling water and then drained. Spaghetti is most commonly known for its length which is about 25-30 cm.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Enjoying the Healthy Aroma of Italian Dishes

The cuisine of Italy has a variety of dishes to please each and everyone in the world. Italian cuisine is a symbol of the Mediterranean meal and is recognized as one of the world's healthiest diet. An Italian meal mainly contains grains, beans, rice, fresh fruits-vegetables and seafood. Sea Bright NJ restaurants have plenty to offer in terms of healthy, delicious and spicy meals.


The anti-carbohydrate revolution has ruined the name Italian food to a great extent, but Italian is actually one of the easiest styles of cuisine to make healthy choices. It keeps you away from fatty, fried foods or more butter, and thick crust menu items, and you can keep your Nutritional goals intact.

Beware of the following terms, which are common sources of high fat and calories: carbonara, alfredo, saltimbocca, manicotti, parmigiana, lasagna, stuffed (all heavy amounts of cream and cheese). Italian meal mostly have lots of vegetables in the kitchen so it's easy to ask for extra vegetables added to your meal. Prosciutto is a popular Italian dish with the slices of grilled chicken which have lots of calories.

At last there is one conclusion, that is Italian food is the great combination of deliciousness and healthy nutrients which consist of valuable calories and proteins.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Get the real taste of Italian Food in New Jersey.

Got Bored with home-made regular food ? Why don't you try pure taste of Italy in your own New Jersey. Now you are only thinking about pizza and pasta but Italian traditional food is much more beyond that and much more delicious than you can imagine. The fame behind the Italian cuisine is due to its yummy and notable taste. The mystery behind its delicious taste lies in fresh ingredients that we use while cooking antique food. Now we set our eyes on some delicious dishes we have in our restaurants in Monmouth county.


What you guys think about pizza ? I know its correct answer, Pizza always has a special place in every one's hearts. I have facts to prove that, 93% of American eats at least single pizza slice in every month and America is the biggest consumer of pizza in the world. There are various ingredients which we add in our pizza from barbecue chicken and pineapple to pepperoni and anchovies, here every pizza is different and unique and the most important thing is its yummy !!!!!

Many says the true origin of pasta is in china but in my opinion its true taste belongs to Italy and it is also a traditional Italian cuisine. Pasta are noodles in simple language. We offer various variety of pasta like dried and fresh, short and long with egg and chicken, etc.



It's an Italian word for ice-cream and it is very famous in Italy. Gelato is made by combining various ingredient like fruits, nut purees, egg-yolk, zabaione and creme caramel, etc. If you try it once you will definitely get addicted by its flavor.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Enjoy the taste of Italian Wine at Ama Ristorante

As Italian food is famous all over the globe, Italian wine is very popular complement At Ama Ristorante, you get the best flavors of Italian vintages. At Ama Ristorante the Italian wines are featured as they should be: a staple to this truly elegant culture and cuisine.

Italian wine plays an important role in Italian economy. The tastes of Italian wines are often dark, rich and lusty—made from different varieties of grapes with different methods of formations. It is the best complimented with foods like pizza, pasta and practically any special Italian dish and. When consumed the flavors complementing the palette can serve to double the taste of Italian food. But, it is very necessary to select a right wine with your order. We can divide wine into 4 separate categories. There are DOGS, DOC, IGT and VGT. These wines are available at both expensive and low rates. If you want an inexpensive but good quality wine then IGT is best for you.

When selecting the right wine according to your food. If the taste of your wine is sour and flat, it will tell you that the pairing of your food and wine is wrong.

At Ama Ristorante, you get a long list of wines—reds, white, sparkling, etc. to choose from.

So, the next time when you plan to go for dinner at Sea Bright restaurant never forget to order the wine also according to you dinner.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Different Varieties of Pasta for Your Plate

When we talk about Italian food, we’re talking about various things like pizza, pasta, soups, breads, as well as various other rice, fish and meat dishes. Pasta is considered to be the most popular food in world today. It comes in over 500 different types and shapes. Pasta is normally made from flour and water and made with or without eggs. Pasta is a symbol of Italian food. We can divide pasta in different categories based on their various types, shapes and sizes. According to type, pasta can be categorized in two parts: Fresh and Dried.

Fresh pasta is home-made with flour and water; eggs may or may not be included. It is generally easy to cook. Dried pasta factory-made with semolina flour, salt and water; it doesn't contain eggs.

According to shape, pasta can be categorized into 4 parts:

Long Pasta: As the name suggest long pasta is stretched, long and may come in a cylindrical shape. It can swirl around the fork or be flat and thinner.

Short Pasta: Short pasta is available in hundreds of varieties with multiple shapes and colors. They come extremely tiny in size compared to long pasta.

Tabular Pasta: This type of pasta includes medium-to-large sizes and shapes ranging from simple-to-fancy.

Stuffed Pasta: Stuffed pasta is filled with sauce, cheese or even chicken and appears in a pocket-like shape. This pasta shape is very recipe-friendly and is usually comes served with either tomato sauce or cream sauce.

Pasta brings several health benefits, most of which you can find in whole wheat pasta. Wheat pasta is low calorie and contains several minerals that are very important for health.

You can find all these varieties of pasta in all Italian Sea Bright restaurants. So go on and order a pasta dish in your favorite shape and size.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Knowing the Health Benefits of Italian food

Italian cuisine is known for its simplicity and taste all over the globe. Pasta and pizza are very common traditional Italian dishes. But you should also know that this food is also very important for your health. The famous former editor Burton Anderson wrote in his book “the food of Italy”, that Italian cuisine contains a variety of ingredients that can be a benefit to your health. So, we can say that if you are fond of Italian food then it is a healthy addition in your diet.


Calcium is very healthy as it protects our bones and teeth. Italian dishes used cheese--a great source of calcium. The two main types of cheese used include Parmesan and Romano, which both have a high amount of calcium. With cheese in Italian food, you get good amount of calcium at little added expense.

Unsaturated Fats

Most Italian dishes are made with the use of olive oil. Olive oil is an important ingredient of Italian food. Olive oil used in many traditional Italian dishes such as pasta, meats, appetizers with fish bread, among others. Olive oil has unsaturated fats which help in protecting the heart by keeping cholesterol levels low and stopping the arteries from getting clogged. But remember that a high amount of olive oil can prove harmful for health.

Vitamins and Minerals

Italian food contains varied types of vegetables which have various vitamin and minerals. Italian cuisine uses tomatoes, onions garlic, carrots, peppers etc. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin c, vitamin k and lycopene, a heart-protective antioxidant. It helps to prevent certain types of cancers. It is often used in high-quality in Italian food. Carrots are a good source of beta-carotene which helps your sight and skin. Peppers have vitamin c and fiber to help digestion. Garlic contains both antibiotic and anti fungal properties to boost anticancer characteristics.

So, the next time when you eat Italian food in seabright restaurants remember to keep in mind the key health points of this food.