Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Enjoying the Healthy Aroma of Italian Dishes

The cuisine of Italy has a variety of dishes to please each and everyone in the world. Italian cuisine is a symbol of the Mediterranean meal and is recognized as one of the world's healthiest diet. An Italian meal mainly contains grains, beans, rice, fresh fruits-vegetables and seafood. Sea Bright NJ restaurants have plenty to offer in terms of healthy, delicious and spicy meals.


The anti-carbohydrate revolution has ruined the name Italian food to a great extent, but Italian is actually one of the easiest styles of cuisine to make healthy choices. It keeps you away from fatty, fried foods or more butter, and thick crust menu items, and you can keep your Nutritional goals intact.

Beware of the following terms, which are common sources of high fat and calories: carbonara, alfredo, saltimbocca, manicotti, parmigiana, lasagna, stuffed (all heavy amounts of cream and cheese). Italian meal mostly have lots of vegetables in the kitchen so it's easy to ask for extra vegetables added to your meal. Prosciutto is a popular Italian dish with the slices of grilled chicken which have lots of calories.

At last there is one conclusion, that is Italian food is the great combination of deliciousness and healthy nutrients which consist of valuable calories and proteins.

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