Monday, 3 June 2013

Get the real taste of Italian Food in New Jersey.

Got Bored with home-made regular food ? Why don't you try pure taste of Italy in your own New Jersey. Now you are only thinking about pizza and pasta but Italian traditional food is much more beyond that and much more delicious than you can imagine. The fame behind the Italian cuisine is due to its yummy and notable taste. The mystery behind its delicious taste lies in fresh ingredients that we use while cooking antique food. Now we set our eyes on some delicious dishes we have in our restaurants in Monmouth county.


What you guys think about pizza ? I know its correct answer, Pizza always has a special place in every one's hearts. I have facts to prove that, 93% of American eats at least single pizza slice in every month and America is the biggest consumer of pizza in the world. There are various ingredients which we add in our pizza from barbecue chicken and pineapple to pepperoni and anchovies, here every pizza is different and unique and the most important thing is its yummy !!!!!

Many says the true origin of pasta is in china but in my opinion its true taste belongs to Italy and it is also a traditional Italian cuisine. Pasta are noodles in simple language. We offer various variety of pasta like dried and fresh, short and long with egg and chicken, etc.



It's an Italian word for ice-cream and it is very famous in Italy. Gelato is made by combining various ingredient like fruits, nut purees, egg-yolk, zabaione and creme caramel, etc. If you try it once you will definitely get addicted by its flavor.

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